What Makes Thibodeau Home Inspection Service Stand Out

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What Makes Thibodeau Home Inspection Service Stand Out

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About Thibodeau Home Inspection Service

We are a full-service home inspection company performing pre-purchase home inspection, pre-list home inspections, WETT inspections (wood burning installations), septic inspections and Annual Property Reviews (APRs) with century homes and cottage/country properties being our specialty.

Our operations are widespread - from Peterborough down to Port Hope, over to Cobourg and Brighton, up to Campbellford, Havelock, Marmora Madoc and up to Bancroft, Apsley, and over to Haliburton, Buckhorn, and Bobcaygeon.

We have been inspecting homes and cottages for over twenty years. Marc Thibodeau, the company owner, was initially a contractor for several years. Once while working on a renovation of a newly purchased house, he noticed that it was riddled with significant defects. On approaching the homeowners with this concern, they said they had already undergone a home inspection. It was clear to Marc that there was a need for honest and thorough professionals in this industry. This motivated him to get the necessary training and set the tone for Thibodeau Home Inspection Service.

The business has come a long way since then, being operational for twenty-one years now. However, we are always adding new features and value-added services for our clients. Since the last few years, we have started booking inspections through a computerized booking system which keeps everyone, from the client, their agent and the seller’s agent informed of inspection schedules. We have started giving complimentary HomeBinder systems, a beneficial and feature-rich home management system, to all of our clients as a part of our service. Click this link for more info about this feature: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1cJyh0dj9iiMkxINi1zaW9EOTQ/view


The Thibodeau Home Inspection Service Difference

Thibodeau Home Inspection clients consist almost entirely of people who are buying or selling a home and homeowners who would like help with home maintenance planning and management. We understand what they need before they might even know it, and one aspect that makes us second to none is that we are a full-service home inspection provider. Not only are we available for inspection throughout the week, but we are always open to our clients for questions and advice over the phone for as long as they own their home.

One call to us and we take care of your home inspection, wood stove inspection and septic inspection in the most efficient manner. We pride ourselves on our customer service. "Once a Thibodeau home inspection client, always a Thibodeau home inspections client."

What sets us apart from the rest of our competitors is the company owner, Marc Thibodeau, who is a veteran inspector with years of experience and credentials of a National Home Inspector (NHI), necessary for the upcoming mandatory license for home inspectors in Ontario. Our company is also fully insured.

While we are really passionate about what we do, we also care about protecting the environment. We have a green policy at the company to avoid paper consumption. While other companies might print their reports and deliver them in heavy binders full of paper, our reports and home management systems are computer generated and can be kept online. We believe in creating helpful solutions, not problems.


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